A dropdown tab allows you to display multiple pages under a single tab and is a great way to organize your menu. Dropdown tabs are also sometimes referred to as Sub Menu.

Here is an example of a dropdown tab for "About". 

To create a dropdown, we will need to create two parts, a Menu, and a Submenu

  1. Menu - This will contain all pages that appear within the dropdown tab.

  2. Submenu - This will create a tab that connects to a Menu in order to display them within a dropdown tab in your main navigation bar.

Let's create the above "About" dropdown tab as an example.

  1. Navigate to Pages

  2. First, let's create the Menu, and to get started click Add Item

  3. In the window that appears, set the following options:

    Type = Select Menu
    Display Name = Give the menu a name. For example "About Menu". Note, visitors to your website will not see this menu name.

  4. Click Create Menu

  5. Next, let's create the Submenu. To do so, click Add Item again

  6. In the window that appears set the following options:

    Type = Select Sub Menu (Dropdown) 
    Menu = Select the Menu you just created above.
    Display Name = Give the tab a name. For example "About". Note, visitors do see the name of this tab.
    Menu Location = Choose which Menu to place the dropdown tab in. Your main navigation menu, such as "Main Menu", will be the most common option.

  7. Click Create Sub Menu

  8. Next, create new Pages or drag existing Pages into your new Menu to populate Pages under the dropdown tab.

Here is an example of the completed Menu and Submenu set up for the "About" dropdown tab shown above. 

MenuSub Menu (Dropdown)