Please Click Here to view some of our recommended third-party services that offer website widgets. 

How to add a third-party website widget code snippet: 

  1. Copy the full code snippet you were provided for the website widget

  2. Log into your Liveedit website

  3. Navigate to the page you wish to add the widget to then click Edit to jump into edit mode

  4. Drag and drop the HTML Element into a content area.

  5. Paste in the code snippet you were provided then click Save Changes 

  6. Refresh your page and the widget will appear. 

Please Note: 

  • Liveedit cannot adjust the design or functionality of a third-party widget. 
  • Liveedit cannot guarantee that all third-party widgets are compatible within our platform. 
  • WordPress plugins are not supported. 


Common Issues and Questions 

The third-party code snippet I was provided said to place it in the <head> or <body> of my website code? 

In most cases, you can add the code that can just be placed directly on our page using the above steps. 

Why is my placed third-party widget not appearing? 

After placing in your code with an HTML element, a refresh of the page might be needed. If your placed code is still not functioning after a refresh, please check with the provider of your third-party code for further assistance.  


I am unable to view the pop-up code I placed in? 

Some HTML coding, such as pop-ups, will not appear in the content area after being placed. To have a pop-up removed, please submit a ticket here. 

Why can’t I edit my page after adding in a third-party widget? 

Please submit a ticket here and our team can investigate.