*NOTE: SSLs from Third Party providers such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. are NOT compatible with our system.


Is my LiveEdit website secure?

At American Spirit Technology Group, we are 100% committed to the security of our platform. All our websites our securely hosted on our servers and are monitor around the clock by our industry grade security system. To ensure your website's security, we do not disseminate the technical details of our security and system. 


Are MINDBODY integrated transactions safe on my website?

All MINDBODY transactions are secured behind the SSL offered on your '.liveeditaurora.com' URL. You will notice that this URL automatically displays when users are checking out their products. In addition, any MINDBODY client information access on the website is transmitted through our secure connection to MINDBODY's API. MINDBODY client information, such as credit card numbers, are not stored directly on your website or within our hosting environment. Our MINDBODY integration is also PCI compliant.

Why is my website showing a “Not Secure” message?

Recently, Google (Google's Security Blog), Safari, and Firefox started marking any websites as ‘Not Secure’ if an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is not installed on the website. This message will often appear in the URL window of your browser (example below). 

Please rest assured that this message doesn’t mean that your website is unsafe or has been hacked, as your website is protected by our industry-grade security system. Google, Safari, and FireFox are simply looking to see if your website has an SSL installed to established a secured HTTPS connection to your website. This message can, however, cause undue worry to your current and potential clients. To help put your clients at ease, we now offer the option to purchase an affordable SSL directly through your website! To get started with the purchase and installing an SSL, please scroll down to the 'SSL (Secure Socket Layer)' section below. 

Please Note: 
Once an SSL is purchased and installed, clients visiting your website will see a ' Secure' message or a lock symbol in the URL window of their browser (example below).

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Can I purchase an SSL from a third party?

SSLs purchased from any DNS provider, such as GoDaddy, are not compatible with our system. If you wish to add an SSL certificate to your website, you can purchase one through our built-in SSL service.

Do I need to purchase an SSL for all my custom domains?

When purchasing an SSL, we recommend that you only purchase one for your Primary Domain. If you have followed the steps in our Pointing Multiple Domains to One Website Guide, all of your domains should be redirected to your Primary Domain, which ensures that all your web traffic will go through the same domain with your SSL applied.

How do I get an SSL from my website? 

You can purchase an SSL for your custom domain by visiting the Domains tab under Account Settings. The current cost of our SSL is $15.00 US and will last one year from the install date.

How to purchase and install an SSL: 

  1. Login to your LiveEdit website

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Click on the Domains tab.

    Please Note: After clicking on the Domains tab you may notice that you are redirected to your LiveEdit URL and prompted to log in again. This is done to ensure your purchase is secure. 

  4. Click on Request SSL that appears next to your Primary Domain.

    Please Note: If you do not see the Request SSL option, it indicates the A Record of your custom domain is not pointed over to our required IP address. To update your A Record, please contact your DNS company (the company in whom you purchased your custom domain from) and have them set the A Record (sometimes just called the 'A' record or @ record) of both your base domain and 'www' subdomain so they point our new IP address of 

  5. Next, you will be shown a screen with the SSL’s price and option to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to have Auto Renew turned on. Please select your option then click Checkout.

  6. Next, you will be prompted to enter in your payment information. Once entered, click Next to continue.

  7. You will then be shown your entered payment information. If everything is correct, click Confirm to continue.

  8. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase. Please check the "I Agree" box then click Complete Order

  9. Once you’ve submitted your SSL order, you will be sent a receipt email. In addition, the payment will appear under the Billing tab.

  10. Now that you’ve purchased an SSL, our system will begin installing your SSL automatically. No further actions will be required from your end.

    Please Note: The install process usually takes about an hour or two but may take up to a dayIn addition, under the SSL column, you will also notice a two-arrow icon () appear. This indicates your SSL is in the process of being installed. 

  11. Once the SSL has been installed, you will see a checkmark  () under the SSL column of your domain.