When you initially selected your template and created your site, all of the sample content (images, text, etc.) from that particular template was loaded into our database and linked with your site. All of the text exists on the pages of your site, and all of the images are stored in your File Manager.

Changing templates will not give you the content of the new template.

Choosing a different template is intended to give you a new layout for your website, not give you a new template.  Layout refers to your menu location, page template options, and arrangement of your content areas. 

Note: Changing templates WILL require you to re-arrange your content to fit the new layout, and in some cases MAY cause your content to not display (it's not gone, it's just not showing).  If this happens, PLEASE SUBMIT A TICKET and our team will be happy to assist you.

How To Change Templates

The template you chose when you started your site will be listed under Current Design.  You will also find it displayed in the My Design section.

If you have more than one design listed, you can choose your design and click 'Apply Selected Design'.

If you would like to use a new design, you can visit the Design Gallery tab. The Design Gallery lists all of the designs templates available with your website package. 

You can choose a design and either add it to your My Design gallery, or choose to apply the design immediately.  Once applied, the design is also added to your My Design gallery.

Content Not Showing

As mentioned above, occasionally when changing templates, your content may not display properly.  There are generally two reasons for this.  One of the reasons may be that the proper page template has not been applied.  Some templates have different page templates than others, so changing between them can lead to a page template not being applied.  You can learn more about page templates in our page template guide.

Another reason your content may not be displaying is because of the naming convention of the content areas.  A few templates have content areas named differently than others, and this can also lead to content not displaying properly.  If you think this is your issue, submit a ticket and the LiveEdit team will be happy to assist you.

For more clarification, please check out our video overview: