*The following guide ONLY applies if you have more than one LiveEdit website.  

If you have an alternate LiveEdit website and have opted to move to a new or upgraded version, chances are you will be keeping the same custom URL as your previous website.

However, the LiveEdit platform does not allow two websites to share the same URL, so when going through the process to set your new website live, you may run into an error like this:

When that happens, here’s what to do:

  • Log into your existing LiveEdit website, go to your site Dashboard.

  • Click on the Account Info section, then the Manage Your Aliases tab.

  • Click the trash can icon and remove the URL listings that you will be using for your new website.

Once deleted, your old website will no longer be accessible through your custom URL.

Now you can freely add your URL to your new website by following the steps listed in the guide for setting your website live.