1.  Log into your website and click on the Dashboard icon on the top right of your screen.



2.  Click on the Recipe App Icon.

3.  Click on 'My Recipes'

4.  To preview a recipe, click the 'Preview Recipe' button. 

5.  To edit a recipe, click the 'Edit Recipe' button.

 Make any changes to any of the fields you would like.  

Note: Adding images to recipes is done in the same manner as adding category images.

6.  To add a CATEGORY to a recipe, click the 'Category' box and select a category from the dropdown.  Categories MUST be created before they can be added to a recipe.  You can also apply multiple categories to a recipe.  To remove a category, click the 'x' on the category listing.

7.  To preview a recipe and your changes, click the 'Preview' button.

8 .  To save your changes to a recipe, click the 'Save Recipe' button.

9.  To delete a recipe, click the 'Delete' button either on the recipe itself, or in the My Recipes section.

Note:  Any supplied recipes that are deleted are automatically placed BACK into the Recipe Library.