1.  Log into your website and click on the Dashboard icon on the top right of your screen.



2.  Click on the Recipe App Icon.

3.  Click on the Settings tab.

4.  Here you have the ability to customize the layout of how your recipe categories look and display your recipes.

Categories Layout - choose if you would like to display your category images, the category names, or both.

Column Count - choose how many columns you would like for your categories.

Scale Category Images - choose if you would your category images to automatically scale to the proper size and resolution.

Recipe List Limit - choose how many recipes you would like to display in each category before a 'More' link is provided.

Styles - Enter in custom CSS code to add additional styling options. 

Please Note: We no longer offer pre-built CSS style examples to use at this time.

5. When finished adjusting your settings, click Save Settings.