Creating categories is a great way to not only keep your recipes organized, but also helps your clients find the recipes that interest them.  Whether it be for a cleanse, weight loss solutions, or simply a healthy alternative, having organized categories is great way to serve your clients.

To create categories for your recipes:

1.  Log into your website and click on the Dashboard icon on the top right of your screen.



2.  Click on the Recipe App Icon

3.  Select the 'My Categories' tab.


4.  Give Your category a name and add the url of the category's image*.

5.  To add a CATEGORY to a recipe, click the 'Category' box and select a category from the dropdown.  Categories MUST be created before they can be added to a recipe.  You can also apply multiple categories to a recipe.  To remove a category, click the 'x' on the category listing.


*How to Add Recipe Category Images to Your Website

Your template comes included with a selection of category images.  These images are already located in your site's File Manager.  To access the images:


-  Log into your website and click on the Dashboard icon on the top right of your screen.


-  Select 'File Manager from the list of services in the dashboard on the left.

- Click on the directory labeled 'Recipe-Category-Images.' 

- Click on the image you would like to use. 

 From the pop up window, click the little chain link next to the 'original' image near the bottom of the window. This will copy the url of the image to your clipboard. (You can also right click the link to copy it.)

- Finally, go back to the category image url filed in the recipe app and paste in the url.

If you have additional images you would like to use for your categories, you can add them to your category by clicking the box to upload the image and selecting the image from your own computer.

*** NOTE:  For existing health coach websites, the images in the 'Recipe Category Images' folder in your File Manager will be too small to be used with the updated recipe app.  To download updated category images click HERE.  Once downloaded to your computer, follow the step directly above to apply the image to your category.