Have you ever gone on a cleanse? They’re very popular right now, and you’re sure to hear clients raving about them as your health coaching practice grows. 

Your prospective clients may have experimented with one of your cleanse cheat sheets: Sugar Cleanse, Veg Pledge, or Junk Food.

After seeing results from implementing the quick tips and tools you gave them, they might want to enter into a full 10-day cleanse with you, which might lead to a 6-month program. After your prospective clients receive one or all of the cleanse cheat sheets from you, we encourage you to check in with them, see how they’re feeling and gauge whether or not a 10-day cleanse would be appropriate for them.

This might mean a brief email, or perhaps setting up a 15-minute follow-up phone call after they’ve implemented your quick tips for 10 days. On this call, you can ask them about their successes with the tools, where they struggled, and where they could use support. Then you can both decide whether or not you’d like to partner for a 10-day cleanse. 

You’ll have clients from both ends of the spectrum: cleansing devotees and others who have never heard of cleansing at all! As a Health Coach, your job is to be neutral and ask questions to find out how and why they’re using cleanses and if they are really beneficial, ensuring that they are cleansing safely and effectively. Coach your clients to nourish their bodies with clean food most of the time, regardless of whether or not they choose to cleanse periodically. 

To give you a jumpstart, we’ve provided you with cleanse templates consisting of email templates that you can edit, customize, and share with your clients in any way that fits your practice. You can find these templates located in your File Manager in the your site Dashboard.  Each file is a zip file that you can download that contains all of the email templates for you to use.

To download the templates:
Click on any of the files, and in the pop up window, click the link for 'original' to download the file to your desktop.

Helpful tips to keep in mind:


Customize your cleanse. We recommend adding personal anecdotes and photos to connect with your clients. Personalize the templates and add your own language to create a feeling of personal connection.   

Be supportive. Show your clients how much you care about their success by answering their questions and providing support while staying calm and grounded. You do not need to know the answers to everything! The more you stay in communication throughout your clients’ cleanse, the more effective it will be.

Are you ready to boost your practice with these professional templates? We can’t wait to see what you do with them!