To duplicate a piece of content, and keep the styles and formatting intact, you can copy it's "Source Code" and paste it into the "Source Code" view of a new Text Element.  You can then easily update the text and link of the duplicated content.

In the following example, we will duplicate the existing pricing option:

Follow these steps to duplicate a Text Element:
  1. While in "Edit" mode, click on the existing content.  In the window that pops up, click on the "Source Code" option:

  2. Highlight and copy all of the HTML code in the "Source View" window:

  3. Close the pop-up windows, and drag a new "Text Element" onto your page where you'd like to place the duplicated content:

  4. In the new text editor window that pops up, click the "Source View"  button again (see step 1), and paste in the code from step 2.  Click "OK", and "Save Changes" to close the pop-up windows.

  5. You should now have a second text box with the exact same content:

  6. To match the custom style of the box it may be necessary to apply a "Class" to the Text Element.  You can find the "Class" in the "Advanced" tab of the original Text Element:

  7. After applying any custom styles you should now have an exact duplicate of the original box that you can use to easily swap out the text and link: