Managing any existing pages located within your website, as well as duplicating new ones, is done through in the Pages sections of the website.

To access the Pages section, simply click on the ‘Pages’ icon in the upper left of the toolbar.

Once you have accessed the pages menu, follow the below steps to duplicate a page.

1. Click on the name of the page you wish to view, all pages on your site are listed on the left side of the pages section and will be marked with the following icon.


2. Clicking on the page you wish to duplicate will cause a new group of settings to appear on the center of the page.  Located just to the left of the update button you will see the duplicate button.  Click on this to open the duplicate window.

3. Looking on the Duplicate Page window, you will see that there are two options to choose from Name and Menu Location.  Name is what the duplicated page will be called and Menu Location allows you to determine what menu this page is listed under.  

4. Once you have selected a name and location, click the save changes button to complete the duplication process. You will then see the duplicated page in the selected menu.

*Please note the duplication of a page will count towards any page limits imposed by your subscription.