What can cause a website to load slowly?

Here are some common factors that can cause the overall load times of your website to increase. 

  • Internet Speed
    One factor outside our realm is a user's internet speed. A slow connection may increase the time it takes to load a website.

  • Using an out dated browser 
    Its advised to always make sure your browser is updated to the latest version possible. For more information on what browser version are supported, please see here. 

  • Large image files.
    If an image has the file size of over 1MB, it will affect the load time of that particular page its placed on. We advise optimizing images to be below 1MB in file size before placing them on your website. To help keep images near or below 1MB, we recommend the dimensions of the image be no larger than 2000 pixels in width.

  • Large videos or multiple videos on a page.
    If you are planning on placing multiple videos on a page or have a large video size, we advise using the YouTube Element to embed the video.

  • Third Party Widgets
    Third party widgets are outside our control for load times as they load from an external service. 

Google's PageSpeed Insight Results? 

Due to the nature of a Content Management System (CMS), Google’s PageSpeed Insight results may not reflect the true loads times of your website. PageSpeed Insight is designed to provided an understanding of what factors maybe impacting the load times of your website. With a CMS system, core system files and functions are loaded from external sources to the website. This can sometimes be seen negatively on Google's PageSpeed Insight score. 

If you notice or receive inquires that your website is loading slowly, please feel free to submit a ticket with our support team and we can take a closer look into your website.