Templates (Dashboard)

The Templates section within the 'Dashboard' section is were you can adjust the coding of your Design Template. In here, you will have access to modify the HTML/CSS/Javascript coding of the design template.

Please Note: Adding, editing, or modifying code to your site is an advanced modification that falls outside of the realm of Liveedit's support. We recommend that you have coding knowledge, as changes may conflict with the website’s functionalities.

While we can not assist with modifying the template code, here are some basic guidelines to how our Content-Management-System (CMS) works in regarding to coding:

  • If you are in a responsive Design template, its based off the Bootstrap Framework. (The Bootstrap Framework libraries are already include in our platform as well.)

  • If you are in a responsive Design template, please do not placed code in the 'Mobile CSS', 'Mobile Javascript', or 'Mobile Source' tabs.

  • Our platform already includes the core Javascript/jQuery Library, please do not load this in again.

  • If you are going to adding Javascript/jQuery code under the "Javascript" tab of any template (see below) and please do not include any <script> </script>  tags.

  • Hardcoding content into the HTML Source Tab of the template is not recommended.  

  • All the core CSS stylings of your website will pull from the "Global Styles" sheet.

  • Complete HTML files can not be uploaded to the system to use as a Page within our system.

  • >Do not remove {liveedit_include}, {$LiveEditMenu}, or {$javascript_data} from the HMTL Source tab.
  • SEO Title and Meta Description Tags are pulled from the Pages section. To learn more, please Click Here.

Page Templates

Below are the basic templates that may be included with your website. If you had a custom design or using a new template, you may have additional templates. Note: The Page Template maybe applied to multiple pages. Any code placed on a Page Template will appear on every page the template is applied to.

Page Templates - Templates that can be assigned to individual pages under the 'Design' tab. 

      - Home Page = Applied to just the home page.
      - Inside Page = Applied to all inside pages that you can edit on the front end.  
*Your website may include other Page Templates if a custom design.

Wrapper TemplatesTemplates used for our integrated pre-built and designed pages.
      - Page Wrapper = Applied to all the Mindbody integrated pages and services pages such as the Blog or Recipe App. 

Email TemplateTemplates used for our email marketing service.
       - Email Marketing = Purely for the email marketing page. Contains HTML

Global Styles - Any CSS or Javascript/jQuery coding placed here will affect every page of the website. 

Within each page template, there are 6 or 4 tabs. (Please note: if you are on a Responsive Design, do not add any code to mobile tabs, as our Responsive Design does not utilized the mobile tabs.) 

Source - HTML
CSS - Only CSS
Javascript - Any jQuery or Javascript can be placed here. It can also be placed in the source tab