Step One  |  Update your DNS settings

Log into your domain provider and set the following two records in your DNS settings table: 

  • Update the A Record for your root domain (usually indicated by the @ symbol) so it points to LiveEdit's IP address of

  • Update the CNAME Record for your www subdomain so it points back to your root domain.
    • In most DNS providers, you can do this by pointing your CNAME Record to the @ symbol, which is your root domain.

Please Note: 
  • If you are unsure how to access your DNS settings, we recommend contacting your DNS provider's support and asking them to make these changes on your behalf.

  • Do not set multiple A Records that point to your root domain to multiple IP addresses as it will prevent your website from appearing live.

  • It can take upwards of 24-48hrs for DNS changes to propagate and go into effect.

  • Do not forward your domains to your "" URL in your DNS settings.  

  • We do not require any other changes within your DNS settings, such as changing Name Servers, to launch your website.

Step Two  |  Add your domain to your LiveEdit website

In this step, we will be adding both your root domain and www subdomain to the Domains tab of your LiveEdit website.

  1. Log into your Liveedit website then click on the Account Settings tab located within the LiveEdit Toolbar.

  2. Click on the Domains tab.

  3. Within the Add A Domain field, type in your root domain (e.g. then click Connect.

  4. Set your root domain as the primary domain. The primary domain will be the main domain visitors see when visiting your website. To set this, please click on the Star () icon next to your root domain so it appears filled in ().


  5. Under the Add A Domain section, type in your www subdomain (e.g. then click Connect.

  6. Next, let's redirect your www subdomain to your root domain. Click on the small Edit icon () to the right of the www subdomain. In the pop-up window that appears, type in your root domain into the Redirect To field. Once added, click Update.

    Please Note: Search engines recognize both versions of your website domain but selecting one version as your primary domain and redirecting all other domains to your primary domain, ensures all inbound traffic to your website is seen under one domain.


  7. If you see a checkmark under the DNS column of your domain, it indicates your domain is successfully connected to your website. If you see a question mark, it indicates the A Record of your domain is not pointed over yet.


I followed the steps above but my website is not live yet?

Updating A/CNAME records can sometimes take upwards of 24-48hrs to fully propagate in some DNS providers. 

I followed the steps above but my website is showing the login page to visitors? 

Under the Account Settings section, there is an option called Password ProtectWhen this option is enabled, the entire website will be password protected and require a login to view

If you have any questions or troubles launching your website, please open a new support ticket with our team.