The LiveEdit Calendar Service offers multiple features and intuitive functionality which allows for a personalized, events-driven calendar. While not intended for scheduling purposes, the calendar service is a convenient method to provide a deeper view of event information for site visitors.

Getting Started

To access the Calendar service, click on the Dashboard icon in the upper right corner.

Next select the Calendar tab.

In the Calendar service area, you will see 4 tabs.

Manage Events is where you can create and manage all events.

Calendar Configuration is where you will configure the settings for your site calendar.

Manage Categories is where you can create and manage categories for your events.

Manage Organizations is where you can create and manage organizations to associate with created events.

Calendar Configuration

When beginning with the Calendar, it’s best to start by setting your preferences.

In the Calendar Configuration section, you will find settings that can be adjusted for Front End Features, which are settings that are visible on the viewable calendar, as well as Event Features, which are features that are specific to the actual event listing itself.

Enable Front End Creation: Allow a site member to create events when viewing the calendar. If set to ‘Yes’ then the Default Event Status dropdown will be shown. The selection options are "Active" or "Pending". If "Active" is selected then as soon as the event is created it will be posted. If "Pending" is selected, the website administrator (you or a member of your staff) will need to approve the event by changing the Event Status to "Active". 

Email Upon Front End Creation: Send an email notification upon a Front End Event creation. When set to ‘Yes’, 'Email for Event Creation' will appear along with a text box to fill in an email address to receive notification of a created event.

Enable Commenting: Allow comments to be left for an event.

Email Upon Comment Submission: Send an email notification upon submission of a comment. When set to ‘Yes’, ‘Email for Comment Submission' will appear along with a text box to fill in an email address to receive notification of a submitted comment.

Enable Comment Moderation: Comments are able to be moderated.

Enable Anonymous Commenting: Allows site visitors to comment on events while remaining anonymous.

Enable Commenting Captcha: The Captcha/word verification will be used when submitting a comment.

Enable Comment Rating: A star rating to rate the event is available.

Enable Comment Image: Allows an image to be upload as a part of the comment.

Enable Accessibility: Allows the ability to choose Accessibility options.

Enable Organization: Allows for an event to be associated with an organization.

Enable Media: Allows for image uploads of the event.

Enable Ticket: Allows for Ticket information to be filled out and displayed for the event.


Categories provides the ability to group events together. To create a category, in the Manage Categories tab, enter in a name for your category and click create. You will see all created categories listed. To delete a category, click the trash icon on the right side.

 To edit the name of your category, simply click the name to bring up the edit box.


The Manage Organizations tab allows you to create organizations to associate with specific events or groups of events.

To create a new organization, click the ‘New Organization’ button on the far right.

Fill out any additional information about the organization and click ‘save’.

Once created, your organizations will appear on the Manage Organizations tab. Click ‘Events’ and you will be taken to the Manage Events tab and all events associated with the organization will display. To edit information about the organization, click the name. To delete an organization, click the trash can icon on the right side.


The LiveEdit Calendar Service is an events-driven service, making the creating of events essential. Events can be created at any time by selecting the ‘Create Event’ button in the right corner of the Calendar menu.

You will then be taken the to Event window where you fill out the details regarding your event.

Name: Title your event

Start Date: Set the date and time for the start of your event

End Date: Set the date and time for the end of your event.

Note: The default time (CST) will be listed unless otherwise changed in the Account Info section of your Dashboard.

Event Type:

  • All Day - Event lasts all day. Selecting will remove Start and End Times.
  • Repeat - Event is recurring. Selecting will present the Schedule window where you can set the frequency, schedule, and duration of the repeating event.

Details tab: Details regarding the event.

  • Status - ‘Active’ events will display in Calendar view. ‘Pending’ events are hidden from view. ‘Cancel’ will cancel an event.
  • Map Address - Input the physical location for the event to display in Map format.
  • Website - Provide a web address link for event if available.
  • Description - Add a description or summary of event.
  • Additional Info - Add in any additional information.
  • Contact NameContact EmailContact Phone - provide contact information for event.

Category & Tags tab: Apply categories to created events as well as add keyword tags.

  • Category - Select or create a primary category for an event.
  • Secondary Category - Select or create a secondary category for an event.
  • Tags - Add keyword tags of your choosing to apply to the event.

Organization: Apply organizations to created events.

  • Organization - Select or create an organization to apply to an event.
  • Secondary Organization - Select or create a secondary organization to apply to an event.

Accessibility: Choose Accessibility options which fit the event by selecting the checkbox next to the image. Any additional information about accessibility will need to be filled out in the "Accessibility Info" text area.

Comments: View and manage any comments left for an event. If Comment Moderation is on, all comments will need to be approved before being posted.

When you have your event set up, click the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner. Your event will now display in the Manage Events section.

Manage Events

Events Name: Search for events by name.

Status: Sort events according to status.

Organizations: Sort events by organization.

Category: Sort events by category.

To edit an event, click on the name of the event to be taken back to the Event window to make any changes. To delete an event, click on the trash can icon.

Display Options

Your Events Calendar can be displayed as a menu option on your website, by creating a Service tab within the Pages section of your website.

Accessing the calendar in this manner will provide site users with a full Calendar View.

From here, the user can alter the view to either Day, Week, or Month be selecting the desired option in upper left, or by choosing a specific date within the date field.

Selecting the ‘Organizations’ link in the upper right will allow a user to browse a listing of all organizations that have been created.

Clicking on an event in Calendar View will take you to the information for that specific event.

Calendar Element

  The Calendar Element allows you to display a summary of upcoming events on any page of your website. 

Dragging and dropping the element onto a page will open up the element edit window. Adjust the settings for the event information you would like to display, and save your changes.

Event information displayed with Calendar Element