With LiveEdit Email Marketing, you can use the tools and features of the LiveEdit platform to send a content-rich email message to a list of your contacts, all within the confines of your website.

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Page

Your new website should already contain a specific page templates to use for email marketing. By checking in the ‘Pages’ section of the website, you should see a section specifically for email marketing as well as one for newsletters.  Within each section will be tabs for the templates that are available.

Each tab represents a separate page

template that is available for you to customize as you see fit. Click the ‘View’ button for access to the page.

Upon first visiting one of the available templates, you will notice that it looks different than any other page on the website.  

This is because email programs such as Outlook or MacMail have different requirements than web browsers like Google and Yahoo! and email marketing templates are crafted to look their very best in your recipient’s email inbox.

Example of email marketing template

Editing the page template is done just as it is on any other page of your website. When entering Edit mode, you will see the content areas that are available as well as the selection of tools you can use to add content to your email or newsletter. To assist you in getting started, each template comes pre-loaded with sample content to give you an idea of how you can set up your own emails and newsletters.

Email marketing sample content



Newsletter1 sample content

Newsletter2 sample content

As was mentioned previously, email readers are not web browsers and some types of content will not render and display correctly in a user’s inbox. 

When creating content for your email, be sure to NOT include the following types of content:

All other types of content (text, hyperlinks, images) should display properly.

Remember that emails should be simple.  Think about the emails that you receive. They are clean and basic and only provide the necessary information. That is how you should go about setting up your email marketing or newsletter page.

Additional and Future Emails

For additional and future emails, you have the option to re-edit your existing email marketing/newsletter page or create new, additional pagesIf you choose to create a new page to use for email marketing, you MUST change the page template.

On your new page, click the Design Tab, then select Page Templates. You will see that the ‘Inside Page’ is listed as Current.

Select ‘Email Marketing’ and click ‘Apply Selected Template’ and begin editing your page.

Creating Your Contact List

Having a list of contacts is essential to effective email marketing, and with LiveEdit Email Marketing, you have the ability to create and manage your own contact list.

Note: When sending out your email, you will also have the ability to select a contact list that is pulled directly from your MINDBODY account. The list will contain all clients who have opted within their account to receive emails from you.

In your site Dashboard you will find the Email Marketing tab which, when clicked, will take you to the Email Marketing section of your website.

Click the ‘Lists’ tab and you will see any and all lists that have been created, as well as a box for naming and creating a new list. Just enter in a name for your list and click the ‘Add List’ button.

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can add email addresses to your list.

You can enter in addresses manually by adding the address to the ‘Email’ field and click ‘Add To List’, or if you already have a list of contacts, you can choose to import them by selecting the ‘Import CSV File’ button.

Not sure what a CSV file is? Click HERE to find out.  

To import a CSV file successfully, the data needs to be in the proper order and format. Below is example of how the data on your CSV file should be organized. Note: Street, City, State, and Zip fields are not required.

Once your list is created, you can go back and edit to add or remove addresses at anytime by viewing your lists and selecting ‘Edit’ for the list you want to change.

Sending Your Email

Now that you have your email marketing page set up and your contact list created, you’re ready to send out your email.

Go into the ‘Pages’ section and find the email marketing or newsletter template you wish to send and click ‘View’ to go to the page. Once there, click the ‘E-Blast’ icon in the upper left of the tool bar.

This will open up the Email Marketing window. The first time you visit, you will want to click the ‘Email Marketing’ tab. Fill out all the required fields and make sure to save your changes.

Why do we ask for your mailing address?

Due to the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, you are required to provide your physical postal address in every commercial electronic communication. We encourage you to learn more about this act and what it means to you.

The Email Lists tab allows you to manage your existing contact lists as well as create any new lists. This tab functions just as the Lists section found in the Email Marketing section of your Dashboard that we covered earlier.

The Email Campaigns tab is where you will create your email campaign. Any completed campaigns will also be displayed here. To create a campaign, click ‘Create a New Campaign’.

On the right side of the window, check the list or lists of contacts you want to send your email to. 

Any lists you have created will display first. The MINDBODY Lists section shows all of your current clients who have selected the option within their MINDBODY account to receive emails from you. If they have NOT selected this option within in their account, they will NOT appear on this list.

There are 4 categories of MINDBODY lists:

  • All Clients
  • Clients Currently Registered for a Class
  • Clients Not Currently Registered for a Class
  • Clients with a Current Series or Membership

Each category will show the number of email addresses associated with it.

Note: The lists do not detect duplicates. Meaning that if you select All Clients and Clients Not Currently Registered for a Class, any address that appears on both lists will receive duplicate emails. The same holds true if you use a created contact list and a MINDBODY list. Any duplicate addresses will receive duplicate emails.

Fill out the fields on the left side with the information about your email campaign. 

In the ‘Send Test Email’ box, enter in your email address and click the ‘Send Test’ button. This will send you a copy of your email. This is done so you have the opportunity to preview the email to make sure that it looks and functions how you want it to, and make any final changes before you send it to everyone on your contact list.  

When you’re ready for your email to be sent to your contact list, click the ‘Send E-Blast’ button.


An important factor in email marketing is knowing if what you’re doing is effective. When viewing the Email Marketing section in your site Dashboard, you’ll have the ability to view just how effective your campaigns are.

The Overview shows you a graph layout of emails that you’ve sent out within a set date range. The stat box in the right corner also displays the specific numerical data for all emails sent within the targeted date range.

Overview tab

The Campaigns tab lists all of the campaigns that you’ve sent out. The ‘View’ button will show you a copy of the email that was sent, and the ‘Stats’ button will show you the statistics for that specific campaign.

Campaigns tab

The Reports tab allows you to pull a list of reports, selected from the dropdown menu, for a selected date range. You can also search all actions performed by a specific email address.

Reports tab


How can I upload a list of email addresses?

You can import a comma separated spreadsheet (CSV) into any LiveEdit Email Marketing List.

From the Email Lists tab, click on the name of a List you would like to modify. You'll see a red 'Import CSV File' button. Either click the button to navigate to your CSV file, or drag your CSV file onto the button to immediately upload it.

The information in your spreadsheet will be appended to the bottom of the existing data in the list - you will not lose any data.

How do I change the name of my list?

In the Email Lists tab, click the edit button to the left of the List whose name you want to change.

Can I add links in my email?

Yes. Adding and editing the content on your email marketing page works just as it does throughout the rest of the website.

Can I change the logo on my email marketing page?

No. The logo on your email marketing page is the same logo file used on your website. If you are not using a logo file, your business name will be used instead.