The following is an example of how the look of the Forks + Spoons Contact page can be customized with basic editing techniques.

Contact BEFORE

Contact AFTER

The Changes That Were Made and How They Were Done

Logo / Business Name


A graphic logo was added, replacing the Business Name text. This change applies to the entire website and was covered in the Home Page guide.


The text in Header is using the Heading 1 format.  The settings for Heading 1 were adjusted in the Style Settings under Typography.

Text in Heading 1 format

Adjusting setting for Heading 1

Section 1

In this section, a background image was added, the text content in Main was moved to Section 2, and the image in Sidebar was removed from the page.

Default Section 1

A background image was added to the Section1 content area.  This is done by going into Edit mode and selecting the blue edit icon for Section1.

In the edit window, click on 'Add Background Image' to select an image from your File Manager, the royalty-free stock images found in the Content Manager, or upload your image directly from your computer.

When you have chosen your image, click ‘Accept’.

Selecting background image

Adjust how the image displays using the available settings. 

Adjusting settings for background image

The Spacing tab was used to adjust the spacing within the container.  Save your changes when finished.

Setting spacing for Section 1

In Main, the text areas were moved to Main 2 in Section 2.  This was done by dragging and dropping the content in the new area.

Default text in Main

Text content moved to Main 2

In Sidebar, the photo was deleted.  This is done by clicking on the photo and then clicking 'Delete' in the lower right hand corner.

Deleting image

Section 1 after changes

Section 2

In this section, text content was moved in from Section 1 and new text and image content was added.

Both text areas from Main in Section 1 were moved to Main 2.  This was done by dragging and dropping the content in the new area.

Text content in Main 2

In the first piece of text content, the last line was deleted.  This is done within the Text editor by highlighting the text and hitting your 'delete' key.

Highlighting text to delete

Next, a new piece of text content was added to Main 2. This was done by dragging the Text element and placing between the existing pieces of text content.

Adding new text content

Edit the text as you see fit and Save changes.

Editing new text content

In Sidebar, a new image was added.  This was done by dragging and placing the Image element into the content area.

When the element is placed, the edit window will open and prompt you to select and image from your File Manager.

Selecting an image from your File Manager

When you have chosen your image, the element suggests a size to use based on the original dimensions of the image and the size of the container the image is being placed in.  Select 'Place This Image' to add it to the page.

Placing new image

A new text area was also added below the image in Sidebar.  This is done by dragging and placing the Text element below the image in Sidebar and editing text using the Text editor.

Editing new text content

Section 2 after changes



The copyright information at the bottom of the page was updated to reflect the name of the business.  This change also applies to the entire website and was covered in the Home Page guide.