Bing offers an easy-to-integrate free Translator Widget
that is recommended as the most cost-effective way of adding language translation to your LiveEdit site. To add the widget follow these steps:

  1. Copy the code found on the Translator Widget page

  2. Decide where on your page you would like to place the widget
    Note: If you place the code into a "Global" area it will appear on every page of your site. Global content areas are represented by the following Icon:

  3. Drag the HTML Element into the content area of your choice

  4. The HTML editor window will pop up. Paste the code (from step 1) into the yellow line and click the "Save Changes" button

  5. The widget should now appear on your page

    NOTE: Bing cannot translate all sections of your site. For example, some buttons may not translate. In addition this free widget does not let you adjust translations for languages.