If you choose to use your LiveEdit domain name (example: myhealthcoachsite.liveeditaurora.com) instead of a custom domain name for your website, please follow the steps listed below to set your website 'live'.

Click on the Dashboard icon in the upper right corner.


Now click on the Account Info tab on the left side of the page to go to your Account Settings.




From here, click on the tab that says ‘Manage Your Aliases’. When viewing this tab for the first time, all you will see listed is your LiveEdit domain name.



Click on the notepad icon to open up the domain name settings. Once open, change the option for robots.txt to inherit, then click ‘Update’. 

That is all that is needed to make your LiveEdit URL live and active on the Internet. 

This is ONLY to be done if you are NOT using a custom domain for your website. If you are using a custom domain name, please follow the instructions HERE.