What does ‘live’ mean?

Setting your website ‘live’ means making your website available to the public to find on the Internet through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

When you first order your website, it is set to not be visible to search engines. This means it won’t show up when doing a search online.  This is ideal for your new website as it allows you to spend time building your site, fitting it to your health coach practice, before making it available to the public.

When do I need to go ‘live’?

There is no requirement by LiveEdit or IIN to make your site live at any specific point. The decision to go live is completely up to you. Remember though, making your site live will make it available to the public, so you do want to make sure that you are ready for it to be seen by potential clients.

Can I still edit my website after it is ‘live’?

Absolutely! Your websites are designed to be editable ‘on the page’, meaning that edits can be done very quickly and in real time. So anytime you make a change to your site, it will appear on your website instantly.

What is a ‘domain name’?

A domain name is what search engines use to direct people to your website, just like how a street address can can be used on a map to find an actual location.

Every website has a unique domain name that points only to that website, even yours! When ordering your site, you were asked to create a domain name for your website that included ‘.liveeditaurora.com’. This is needed because your website is built and hosted on the LiveEdit servers, so there needs to be a domain name in place for you to access your site.

You also have the ability to have a custom domain for your website if you so choose. For example, if your LiveEdit domain name was myhealthcoachsite.liveeditaurora.com, you could set up a custom domain name of myhealthcoachsite.com. To set up a custom domain, you would need to purchase the rights to the domain from an outside source, commonly referred to as a DNS provider. There are countless DNS providers on the market, with GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Network Solutions being some of the more common ones. Domain names can vary in cost, but mostly can be purchased at a very low annual rate.

Click Here for a list of some of the more popular DNS providers.

Do I need a custom domain name?

You do not. If you are happy with your LiveEdit domain name, you can certainly continue to use it for your website.

What if I already have a custom domain name for my previous IIN website?

If you already have a custom domain name that you were using for your previous IIN website, you do not need to purchase a new custom domain for your LiveEdit website. You can use the same domain name for you new website by following the steps outlined in our ‘Going Live Process’ guide.