1. Now, let's work on the middle column, 'Content Mid,' which will hold our Health History Forms.  While in Edit Mode, we will drop in a 'Text Element.'  Formatted in an H2 tag, we will type 2.  On the next line, formatted in an H5 tag, type Fill Out a Health History Form.
  2. Hit Enter twice to put a few line spaces between your words and the table below.  Click 'Table' and move your mouse to 'Insert table.'  Scroll to the right to create a table with two columns and 3 rows.  When 2x3 is displayed below the table, click on the box.  

  3. Go back to the 'Table menu and scroll to 'Table Properties.  Set the Width at 250, the Cell Spacing at 5, the Cell Padding at 15, and the border at 3.  Set the Alignment to Center.

  4. In the right hand column of your new table, add a link to each of your Health History Forms.  In left hand column, write a description of the type of client each for whom that form is appropriate.  (Tip:  Your Health history forms are found at /womens-health, /mens-health, and/revisit-form.)

Finally, You're Ready to Move on to Step 4!