1. Enter Edit Mode by clicking on 'Edit.'

  2. Add a Page Title by dropping a 'Text element' into the Page Header content area. For my page, I added 'Make an Appointment with Colleen' formatted in an H1.

  3. For this page, I chose a 3-column layout which utilized Content Left, Content Mid, and Content Right.  We will go from left to right.

  4. In Edit Mode, we will drop 2 content elements into Content Left.  

    • The first is a Text element.  In this element, we will type 1.   Fill Out an Appointment Request form formatted in an H2. 
    • Next, we will drop in a form element.  For my form, I asked for a Name, Email, Phone Number, Preferred Days and Times to Meet (If you have particular days during which you accept appointments, this can be notated here) and preferred meeting method.  (I gave choices of Skype, Phone, and in Person.  Feel free to add or remove to this list, or make a note that in person appointments can only be made in a certain metro area.)  In the right hand side, I add my email address as the receiver and the reply to email.  And since I want my client to fill out Step 2 after they finish with this form, I will bring them back to this page when they hit the submit button by adding under Confirmation "redirect" to /book-appointment.  Lastly, I will hit save changes.

Next, I will move on to Step 3: Customizing Your Appointment Booking Page with Health History Forms