Who will own my LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website?

The content provided by IIN is owned exclusively by IIN.  Any content that you add to the website is yours.

How is my website hosted?

Your website is hosted on the safe and secure LiveEdit CMS system. This is why your website will always include a '.liveeditaurora.com' domain.

How much will my website cost?

After the complimentary trial period, graduates will be asked to choose a monthly subscription package to continue with their websites.  Each package varies in price and available features.  Visit our pricing page for more information.

Are the new Health Coach websites powered by Wordpress?

No. All LiveEdit websites are powered by the LiveEdit Aurora platform, a content management system and website software developed by American Spirit Technology Group.

What if I already have a current domain?

If you had a previous website using a custom domain, you can transfer that domain to your LiveEdit website.  Simply follow the steps for the Going Live process to transfer your custom domain to your new LiveEdit website.