How Do I Set Up a Shopping Cart to Sell Products/Services Using Paypal?

If you are using Paypal to accept online payments for products and health coaching services, you can use Ecwid, an e-commerce widget solution, to create a shopping cart /store page to your website.  Before beginning this process, please create a Paypal account and an Ecwid account. (Ecwid is FREE for listing up to 10 products on your site.)

1.  Log in to your Ecwid account.  Below is a video overview of installing Ecwid onto your website.  

2.  From your Ecwid dashboard, click on 'Create Online Store.'

7.  Click 'Yes, I have a website.'

8.  Click 'Other Platform'

9.  Copy the HTML code from the code box (below, in red.)  Leave your Ecwid account open in your browser tab for now.

10.  In another tab, open the store page on your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach website.  It will be located at (fill in yoursubdomain with your unique subdomain.)

11. Click 'Edit' in the toolbar in the top left hand side of your screen. 

12.  Drag and drop the HTML element to the place on your page where you would like your products to display.  


13.  When you release the element, the HTML Source Code box will display.  Paste the embed code copied from Ecwid in Step 9 into this box and click 'Save Changes.'

14.  Go back your Ecwid account in the tab left open in Step 9. Click 'Proceed to next step.'

15.  Enter your store url in the box below 'URL to the page where your storefront is located.  Your url will be (fill in yoursubdomain with your unique subdomain.)  Then click Proceed to the next step.

Now, proceed to Step 3.  Adding Products to your Ecwid Store