How to create an Online Waiver

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If your business requires a release waiver, you now have the option to have your clients electronically sign the waiver, and have a PDF copy stored within your website for easy reference. This can be a useful alternative to having clients bring in a signed copy, or having to sign the waiver in studio.

To take advantage of the online waiver feature, you’ll first need to have your waiver available on the website for clients to fill out and submit. This is done by utilizing the Form Element to create the waiver. 

When creating your waiver, simply add in the new ‘signature’ field to the form by going to the ‘Advanced’ section and dragging the signature tab to the form area. 

Then click on the name of the form and in the form settings on the right side, set ‘Generate PDF’ to ‘Yes’. Then save your changes.

Now a client will have the ability to electronically sign the waiver either from a desktop computer or mobile device, and once submitted, a PDF copy will be stored within your website for easy access.