What are LiveEdit and IIN's Health Coach Website Support Guidelines?

For any and all questions about actual site creation and editing, students and graduates should use LiveEdit’s IIN Education Portal and contact LiveEdit directly by submitting a support ticket

Please note: LiveEdit cannot provide technical support for non-LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach websites and features, such as personal websites or external services like domain services, outside email marketing vendors, alternate blog sites, social media sites, analytic programs, advertising services, etc.

If you choose to create a website using another web provider or use an external web service, please refer to that company’s technical support as they will be able to best assist you. If you need additional support for technical issues not directly related to LiveEdit’s Aurora platform, we recommend reaching out to a tech savvy friend or a computer professional.

What is my Health Coach Website URL?

When you create your site, you’ll be prompted to choose a subdomain. Once you’ve chosen that, your URL appears in this format: yoursubdomain.liveeditaurora.com. This is your default URL, and it contains the '.liveeditaurora.com' domain due to your website being hosted on the LiveEdit servers.  When you are ready to make your website viewable to the public (also referred to as 'going live') you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own custom domain to attach to your website (which replaces the '.liveeditaurora.com' domain).  Learn more in the Setting Your Website Live section of the portal.

Will my new site be mobile optimized?

YES! Your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website is responsive, which means that it will adjust to fit whatever screen size for any device used to view your site. This is the best way to ensure that your site looks beautiful and as you intended for all clients and potential clients. When editing your website, you should also check how your edits look on a mobile device to ensure your site is at it's best for all viewers.

Where can I find the Terms of Service for my LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website?

You can find the Terms of Service for your Health Coach Website on the LiveEdit main site. Please contact LiveEdit directly with questions regarding your Terms of Service. 


Can I use IIN copyrighted materials in my Health Coach practice or on my website?

You must obtain IIN’s permission if you'd like to use Integrative Nutrition's copyrighted materials on your website or in your practice. Please read through our Intellectual Property Guidelines for more details and fill out this permission form. Please note that linking to our website does not require permission, and IIN has already granted you a non-exclusive, revocable license to use the IIN copyrighted materials present on the default copy, and those images provided to you in connection with your Health Coach Website, subject to your continued compliance with your Student Agreements.

Can everyone see my website editing options?

No. Only you, the website owner, can see the Edit Mode on your Health Coach Website when you are logged in. However, as a part of the inline editing on your LiveEdit site, any changes you make will be immediately live on your site. You don't need to worry about making a mistake, though. It’s so easy to edit and update your site that you can always make a quick change to anything you didn’t mean to post.


Where should I put my business contact information on my Health Coach Website?

There are several places on your Health Coach Website where you can place your contact information. We recommend adding your contact information to the Contact page on your site, or to the Footer section at bottom of your home page. But thanks to LiveEdit’s easy drag and drop function, you can add your contact information wherever you want on your site. 


Does LiveEdit offer Health Coach Websites in other languages?

Currently, your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website is only available with default text in English.
Please contact IIN's support to check on the ability to have your website in another language. IIN's support can be reached emailing: support@integrativenutrition.com.


Can I give a web developer access to my LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website?

If you’re using a developer or graphic designer to help you with your site, then you just need to add them to your site as an administrator. If you are looking to have someone work on your site for you, LiveEdit also offers a full range of design and marketing services including affordable Do-It-For-Me and Custom Design websites! To learn more about our services, please click HERE.

Why doesn’t my site come with the options for MindBody features that I see available in some Support Portal articles?

LiveEdit has partnerships with several companies, including MindBody which is a scheduling platform used by many fitness studios. Unfortunately, since IIN is not partnering with MindBody, you would need to create a separate website to utilize any MindBody specific features.