Your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website has a blog built right in! Just access your blog manager from your dashboard to create and schedule posts. You will be able to customize each post and share via social media. 

To learn more about creating your own blog posts, check out the Creating a New Post article.

Want to get your creative flow moving with top-notch content? Blogging not a priority right now? Just turn on the IIN blog stream to feed fresh Health Coaching content straight from IIN to your website!  Follow the instructions below to take advantage of IIN’s content and get inspired to write your own blogs when the time’s right. 

Note: IIN will be creating a new post about once a month.  

1.  Log into your website and click on the Dashboard icon on the top right of your screen.

2.  Click on 'Blog' under the Apps section to open up your Blog Dashboard.

3.  Click on 'Settings' to open up your Blog Settings.

4.  Select 'Yes' beside 'Include Blog Posts from Integrative Nutrition.' and click the "Save" button.  Note:  A Title is required before you can save the changes.