Paypal can be used to ‘check out’ for products (ebooks, recipe plans, etc) and to pre-pay for appointments (health consultations, in-person or phone appointments, etc.)

Please keep in mind that in order to use a PayPal button on your Health Coach Website, you'll need to create a Merchant or Business account. You can do that through Paypal directly. 

How do I add a PayPal button to my website?

  1. Create your PayPal button according to their instructions here and copy the HTML for the Buy Now button.
  2. Log in to your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website and open the page where you would like to add your Buy Now button.  
  3. Choose a place in the text where you would like your button to go.
  4. Open the Edit panel by choosing 'Edit' from the toolbar in the top left hand side of your screen.
  5. Click on 'HTML' in the edit panel and drag the HTML element to wherever you would like the Buy Now button to display.
  6. Release the HTML icon. The HTML Source Editor box will then appear.
  7. Paste the HTML from Paypal and click Save Changes.


  8. Your button will now display on your website.  

  9. *Making changes to the pricing, adjusting the look and feel of your button or adding additional services to your drop-down menu must be done via Paypal. Just log in to your Paypal account, follow the instructions to generate a new button with your updates, and edit your HTML box as described below. 

    • Open the Edit panel and hover over your existing PayPal button, highlighting the text. 

    • Click on the highlighted portion of the page. The HTML Source Editor box will then appear.
    • Delete the code in the box and replace it with the code from PayPal for your new button.