This tutorial will help you transfer website content from your current Alumni Health Coach website onto your new LiveEdit website. 

We’ve created the templates on your new Health Coach Website to match what we offered on your current site, so you don’t need to move any of the text that IIN provided; just the updates that you made or pages that you have added. Please note that the numbers of pages and the names of the pages on your new site may be different than you see on your IIN provided site. Since your LiveEdit site is completely customizable, feel free to rename or add any pages you would like to reflect how your current site is set up. 

1.  Login to your Student Dashboard at
2.  Click on Health Coach Website.


3.  Click on Manage Website.


4.  The Main Content Editor has a breakdown of each of your current website pages.  By default, your IIN Health Coach website was pre-loaded with 12 pages. You may have added more or subtracted some. 

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Health Coaching
  4. My Training
  5. My Approach
  6. Health Forms
  7. Connect
  8. Blog Post 
  9. Events
  10. Integrative Nutrition Book
  11. Recipes
  12. Test Page

5.  For any pages that you have created or added content to, copy the content from the body of content from your page.

6.  In another tab, open your LiveEdit website dashboard and login.

7.  Open the 'Pages' Menu 

8.  Hover over name of the page you would like to edit and click 'View.'

9.  When the page opens, click 'Edit' in the top left hand side of your screen.  This will open the edit panel. 

9.  To add copy to an existing text box, hover over the text area and click. Simply add your lines of text by pasting it into the text editor.

10. To add text to another area, drag an drop a text box into any area of the page. The text editor will open upon dropping in the text box.  Simply add your lines of text by pasting it into the text editor.