The Directory Listing service is a great way to place multiple studios in one map.  It's a lot like an app major chain's use to show studio locations to the customer.  It's a terrific way to visualize the points of geographic location's to the studio on a map.

Getting Started

To access the Directory service, login to Aurora and choose  the dashboard icon at the top of the page.

Select the Directory service from the services menu.

The Directory service will open.

Directory Setup

The initial screen lists all of the Directory Groups.

 Clicking on Add New Directory group will allow you to get started and create a root directory for any locations being added.  Once this has been created you will see the following:

  • Click the modify icon to edit the group information.  The group information will show in a popup window.  Make any necessary changes and click "Update".
  • Click edit icon to view or edit the group information, including directory entries.
  • Deletes the Group and all of its directory entries.


After clicking the edit icon, You'll be taken to the Group Entries tab. But first we'll go over the Group Information Tab which is the screen shot displayed below.

  • Directory List Name: Place the name you want displayed to the user. eg. Our Yoga Studios
  • Description: Type in a possible description to fit the type of directory the entries belong too.
  • List Active: If the list is Active, it will be displayed on the map for the users to see.
  • Default Map Center: Type in a zip code you want the map to center on.
  • Lat: Latitude will be filled out when you fill out the zip code.  
    • *Note: no need to fill out this field unless you know your latitude differs from your zip code.
  • Lon: Longitude will be filled out when you fill out the zip code.
    • *Note: no need to fill out this field unless you know your longitude differs from your zip code. 
  • Map Zoom Rate: Will default and doesn't need to be filled out.  If being filled out, the larger the number on the Zoom Rate the more the map should pan in.
    • *Note: If the zip code is changed please delete the Lat and Lon to reset the map parameters.

This is a tabular listing of all the directory entries in the Group.  

The icons on the right:

  • Click this icon to edit the directory entry
  • Removes the directory entry from the group
  • Deletes the directory entry.

If you click on the button "Add Directory Entry" or the edit icon, please read the section below "Add a Directory Entry" for more details.

The last tab is the custom fields tab.  In the upper right hand corner is the "Add New Custom Field" button.  

The icons to the right:

  • Click this icon to edit the custom field
  • Removes the custom field from the group
  • Deletes the custom field.

Click on "Add New Custom Field" to enter a new custom field.  A window will popup.  Type in a field name and click the field "Add Custom Field".  Your new custom field will appear in a list on the custom fields tab.

Add a Directory Entry

When adding an entry it is very important to fill out the name and a full address.  The name will appear on the marker when listed on the map.  The importance of filling out the full address is that it will create a more accurate Latitude and Longitude.  

*Note: Do not fill out the Lat and Lon.  The program will automatically fill in the Lat and Lon when the directory is saved.

On the custom field tab, you can fill the custom fields and move on to the next tab.  The importance of custom fields comes into play when there is a desire to create a unique description for each location.

Create tags to work with the entry and if there are the same tags across different entries you can filter the search based on the tag.

The groups tab creates the opportunity for the entry to work across different groups.  Click the group or groups you want the associated with the directory entry. When everything looks good click "Add Directory Entry" and you'll have a new entry for your directory, and it'll be mapped out for customers to view!

The image tab allows you to upload an image that will become part of your directory listing. An example would be a picture of the studio store front or interior.