The connection between your IconCMO solution and Aurora is achieved through an application programming interface (API). The API enables IconCMO to securely interact with Aurora. The result is the real-time delivery of relevant, interactive information to the pages of your full website and your mobile web app.

To get started with your API connection you’ll need to establish a Web Services account for your calendar, giving it read-only access to the "Events" information. Log into IconCMO and follow these steps:

  • Go to the "Web Service Security" menu, which is found under Web-Services > WS Setup > Web Service Security.

  • In the upper right of the Web Service Security screen, add a username and password and click "Save." Keep your username and password handy. You'll need to enter them again in the admin area of Aurora to enable the Icon-LiveEdit integrated solution.

  • Find your username on the right-hand side of the screen and click on it. In the bottom left, you'll see that their name appears in the "Modify Security For" menu.
  • In the "List of Functions" menu directly about the "Modify Security For" menu, choose "Web: Events."

  • Check the "Read" checkbox and click on the "Set Security" button.

You work in IconCMO is done. Next, log into Aurora and browse to the Dashboard:


From the Dashboard, select the Icon Systems App option:


Double-click on the Icon application (app) image. When the application launches, enter your username and password. That’s it! Your IconCMO solution is now linked to your Aurora services, and your events page should now be publicly available to all of your site visitors!

NOTE: While your congregation’s event page is publicly displayed, other content displaying through the IconCMO-LiveEdit integrated solution,  such as your congregation’s membership directory and individual member accounts, requires users to log into your site.