Getting Started

Start by logging into your Aurora account and go to the Dashboard.

Dashboard location screenshot

From the Services menu, select Form.


Form List

The Form List window displays all of forms created for your website.


  • Clicking the Paper Icon will copy the form and name the copied form to the original name plus the word copy.

  • Clicking the Trash Can Icon will delete the form. (Note: Once a form is deleted it can not be undone.)

  • View Data: Click on the link and you'll be brought to a tabular view of all information submitted to the form.

  • CSV Export: Clicking this link will download a CSV (comma separated value) to your computer.  CSV files can easily be viewed in tools such as Excel or any other spreadsheet program. 


When selecting 'View Data', all of the data fields within the specific form will be listed.  If there is a need to export the data, you can click the "CSV Export" link in the upper right hand corner.

Form Creation

If you'd like to create a new form, click on the 'Create Form' button and you will be taken to the Form Window where you can create and save a form to be placed within your site.  For more information on how to create a form, visit the Form Element tutorial.