The menu element is a simple element that is quite powerful. It allows for creating a simple menu without having to build it yourself. The menu's come from the pages area. All of the menu's in the pages area will be in a drop down so you can choose which menu you want.

In the screenshot above, click on the dropdown to choose a menu you want to place.  
The menu comes from the pages area and the menu's you constructed from the pages.  
Any menu type's you have created in the menu will appear on the page after clicking the "Save Changes" button.

The image to the left is an example of a menu after it's saved. It's a bulleted list. Advanced Feature! If you want to change the look of the menu you'll need to access the class which is in each html list tag.  


  • Display:  This pulldown menu determines whether the Element will be displayed on mobile browsers.
    • All Devices: Display this content on all versions of the website.
    • Full Version: Do NOT display this content on mobile versions of the website.
    • Mobile Version: ONLY display this content on mobile versions of the website.

  • Align: Align this content left, center, or right inside it's containing Content Area.

  • Class: Assign a CSS class to this Element, allowing you advanced control over how it is displayed.

  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over this Element. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.