The Blog Content Element in the Aurora Toolbar allows you to add a feed from your blog to any page on your website!
You can manage the number of blog posts that display in the feed, and you can control what posts display by identifying specific tags you’ve associated with your blog posts.

You can add a blog to your website by selecting More and then Dashboard from the Aurora content management tools. For help managing your posts and blog settings, check out our in-depth Aurora Blog Guide!

Your complete blog can always be accessed by adding “/blog” after your top-level domain:

Use the Blog Content Element if you want to place a blog feed alongside other content, or if you want to place a feed that contains only posts with specific keyword tags!

Blog Tab

When you drag a Blog Content Element onto a page, you’ll be presented with a window that prompts you with the following options.

  • Number to Display: Use this field to dictate how many of your blog posts you want to display on the current page.
  • Show Only Tags: Use this field to manage posts by limiting what can display based on the tags you’ve associated with you each individual blog post.

Advanced Tab

Post Display Settings

  • Show Feature Image Determines if the feature image will be displayed.
  • Show Title: Determines if the title of the blog post will be displayed.
  • Show Content: Determines if the content of the blog post will be displayed.
  • Show Author Image: Determines if an image of the blog post author will appear with the post, provided that an image is available.
  • Show Author Name: Determines if the name of the person who created the blog post will appear with the post.
  • Show Post Date: Determines if the publish date will appear with the blog post.
  • Show Comment Count: Determines if the comment count will appear with the blog post.