The Search Content Element places a search box on your website! When placed and used the contents of every text element within your website is searched and links to relevant pages are displayed.

Search Tab

  • Button Label: Choose the text to be displayed in the Search Element button.
  • Width: Determine the width of the search box. Please include a unit value in your entry, such as “200px,” to denote a width of 200 pixels.

Advanced Tab

Container Settings

  • Display: This pull-down menu determines whether the Search Element will be displayed on mobile browsers.
    • All Devices: Displays your content on full and mobile versions of the website.
    • Full Version: Prevents the content from displaying on mobile versions of the website.
    • Mobile Version: Prevents the content from displaying on full versions of the website.
  • Align: Determines how the content is aligned within its content area: left, center, or right.
  • Class: Assigns a cascading style sheet (CSS) class to the Content Element. Using an assigned CSS class provides you with greater control over how the element displays.
  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over the element. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.
  • Cache for: To speed the time in which it takes your website to load, some elements can be cached. This means the server that stores your website will keep a copy of the content for a set amount of time before it checks for changes.

    Since dragging your Search Content Element to a new location on a page or saving any change to your Content Element will force the cache refresh, you can safely ignore this setting.

    • Cache Always: This setting means your content will be cached indefinitely.
    • Do Not Cache: This option prevents the content from being cached.
    • 1 min - 72 hours: If you choose an available unit of time, the content will be cached for that amount of time. Changes you make to this content will not be reflected until the cache time expires.