The HTML Element allows you to place in HTML coding directly into a content area of your website.



The HTML tab is where you input the HTML, CSS, or Javascript coding you would like implemented onto your page.  In the screenshot below, you can see that there are several useful features, such as line numbers and color hinting, that help you visually understand your code.

Below are some common uses for this element. 

Please Note: 

  • We can not guarantee all third party coding will be compatible within our platform.
  • The only supported coding language for this element are HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery. PHP is not supported.
  • WordPress plugins are not supported
  • Including the jQuery library is not recommend as its already included within the base of our platform. 

Advance Tab

Container Settings pertain to how the content will be displayed within the designated content area.

  • Display: Determines how the content will be displayed on the page.
    • All Devices: Content will be displayed when website is viewed on all devices.
    • Full Version: Content will ONLY be displayed when website is viewed from a computer.
    • Mobile Version: Content will ONLY be displayed when website is viewed from a mobile device.
  • Align: Align the content to the left, center, or right within the containing content area.
  • Class: Assign a CSS class to the content, allowing you control of how it is displayed. This is for advanced users only.
  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over the content. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.
  • Cache For: This feature is currently no longer supported due to our new platform-wide caching system. 

Video Overview

Common Questions

My placed code is not appearing?

After placing in an HTML element, a refresh of the page might be needed. If your placed code is still not functioning after refresh, please check with the provider of your third-party code for further assistance. 

I am unable to view pop-up code I placed in with an HTML Element?

Some HTML coding, such as a pop-ups, will not appear in the content area after placed in. If you have troubles removing pop-up code after its placed in, please submit a ticket here.