The Video Element is used to display a video file that has been uploaded into your File Manager. We recommend using the .MP4 file format.


Video Tab

The Video Element will automatically pull all the videos that are uploaded into the File Manager of your website. If you have not uploaded your video yet, please jump into the File Manager located in the Dashboard. Once your video is uploaded, drag and drop the Video Element into content area. Select the video you wish to place and click Save Changes.

Note: By default, the video automatically be the sized to fit the enter width of the content area it placed in. You can adjust the size under the Advance tab

Advance Tab

Container Settings pertain to how the video will be displayed within the designated content area.

  • Display: Determines how the video will be displayed on the page.
    • All Devices: Video will be displayed when website is viewed on all devices.
    • Full Version: Video will ONLY be displayed when website is viewed from a computer.
    • Mobile Version: Video will ONLY be displayed when website is viewed from a mobile device.

  • Align: Align the video left, center, or right inside it's containing content area.

  • Class: Assign a CSS class to the video, allowing you control of how it is displayed.

  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over the video. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.

Video Settings pertain to the playback and appearance of the video.

  • Width: You can set the width of the video inside of the content element, choose percent or pixel.
  • Mobile Width: You can set the width of the video for a mobile device, choose percent or pixel.
  • Preload Video: Have the video pre-load when a user clicks play.

Video Overview

Common Questions

What file formats are supported?

Our Video Element supports .MP4, .MOV, and .FLV file types. 

Why is my video loading slowly?

We recommend that videos be no larger than 100mb in file size. Larger video files will take longer to load depending on a users internet connection. For larger videos, please use the YouTube Element.

Why is the picture for the video appearing blank?

Before the video is played, the very first frame is shown. Often times this a blank or empty frame. The video will have to be correct outside the platform within a video editing program to adjust the first frame and then placed back in.