In the Profile section of services, you'll find some basic but important aspects of your site, which include profile photo, password changes, and site access. To view an explanation in greater depth please view one of the sections below.

Profile Info

The information page is pretty straight forward. It's a place to input or change username's, passwords or email addresses.

*Note: The orange MINDBODY link is a great feature on the Aurora platform. The importance of filling out the "Link MINDBODY" window is that it creates a single sign on. When you sign into your site that will be the only time your customer need to sign in. For instance, there will be no need to sign in when making an appointment to a class.

Link MindBody

Clicking "Link MINDBODY" will pop up a login window.

Mindbody Popup window

Enter your MINDBODY Username and Password and click "Link".

Profile Password

Profile Password

In this section of the profile, this is a very nice and clean area for creating a new password. Simply type in your current password and the new passwords in the corresponding fields and click the "Change Password" button. It's that simple, your password is changed.

Profile Images

Profile Images

On the bottom left hand side of each picture there is a link "Set Profile Photo", with exception to the one currently set as the profile photo. The profile photo will appear where there is the outlined person in this screen shot and any other mention of manage, you may see the profile photo. To remove the current profile photo simply click, "Current Profile Photo".

Profile Sites

Sites will list all of the LiveEdit sites that are associated with your user profile.  You can view and/or sign in to any site from this menu.
This only applies if you or your studio has multiple sites with LiveEdit and is limited to the specific user profile.  
Note: If you have been added as a user to multiple sites, it does NOT mean that all users of those sites are linked.  Each user only has access to sites that have granted access to that specific user.